Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunrise to Sunset

“To sleep under the stars, who could ask for more, and the moon keeping watch over me”
-Phil Collins

The camel ride into the sunset that took us to the Sahara desert was a bumpy, but beautiful ride. And no doubt would leave us sore for the next day or two, but it was incredible. We watched the shadows of our camels get longer as the sun dipped further into the horizon, while the sky was being illuminated with hues of yellow and pink. It was simply breathtaking.

After we dismounted from our camels, and watched the sun completely set into the dunes, we rested on the sand dunes of the Sahara on the mild may night. Stars began appearing one by one, soon decorating the night sky; the North Star the brightest, and the moon the sky’s nightlight. Seeing three shooting starts was priceless. A bright flashing light that shone and cut through the sky. At some point, you completely lose yourself in wonder, and it was just you and nature, you and God. When you get up, you shake the sand from your hair and occasionally crunch on the sand grains that managed to blow into your mouth. And the next morning completes the experience, with the sun rising up from behind the mountains adorning the sand dunes with a glow.

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