Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"Out There"

A poem I read on the tube, while I was with S.T. (who I accidentally called TP). For some reason we were laughing so hard I was crying and her insides were hurting, making the poem and the moment all the more memorable :)

If space begins at an indefinite zone
where the chance of two gas molecules colliding
is rarer than a green dog or a blue moon
then that's as near as we can get to nothing.

Nostalgia for the earth and its atmosphere
weakens the flesh and bones of cosmonauts
One woke to find his crewmate in a space suit
and asked where he was going. For a walk.

He had to sleep between him and the air - lock.
Another heard a dog bark and a child cry
halfway to the moon. What once had been
where heaven was, is barren beyond imagining
and never so keenly as from out there can
the lost feel earth's the only paradise.

-James McKendrick

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