Sunday, 28 August 2011

A day in London

August 27, 2011
Beautiful cumulous clouds
Trafalgar square
Bored at the national galleries
Attempting to climb the lions outside instead
A fail, but some good laughs
Silent contemplation in St. Martin's Church
A walk through St. James’s Park
Happened upon a concert band
Avoiding puddles
A moment on the bridge in the park.
The Queen’s house to one side and the London eye on the other
A walk through covent garden
Discovering Somerset house!
A refreshing moment enjoying the fountains in the square, silencing out the rest of the city
A rainbow! Over St. Paul’s Cathedral
Crossing Waterloo bridge.
Another rainbow!
Rummaging through old books
Watching a graffiti artist at work
Amazed by young kids and their skateboard tricks
Street Performers
Kids amused by bubbles
Capturing London sights
Big Ben in the foreground and remarkable clouds in the background
The London Eye up close
South Kensington
Another good bye. Bittersweet
Soul searching at the ismaili centre
Dinner with 2 dear friends
Topped off with Peppermint Tea
And finishing off with a tube ride home and Love in the Time of Cholera
~Just another day in Londontown~

(pictures are compliments of my 2.0 megapixel phone)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A beautiful Ramadan night

I have always been surrounded by friends and family and am thankful for this. I recognize and cherish the love that blesses my life. Sometimes, my friends do things that make my heart swell with love.

Ramadan started at the beginning of August so once again I am spending the month fasting and reflecting and working towards self-improvement. It is less out of a religious duty, but a practice that I have grown up with and have come to appreciate. I find it makes me a stronger and better person. The days in London are quite long and being away from immediate family is difficult.

My non-religious, Spanish friend decided to host a dinner in honor of Ramadan. I was touched. That evening, I walked into a room full of Baraka and love. Each person had taken effort to prepare something. The menu included olives, guacamole, miso soup, salad, tabouleh, egg salad, a spinach mushroom quiche, fruit, and a Spanish milk drink for dessert.

We sat outside as London graced us with a beautiful night on my friend’s patio surrounded by lit candles. Some of her friends joined us later and night passed with good food, good friends, and good conversation.