Monday, 8 June 2009


There is something so indescribably beautiful about sunsets.
The feelings they evoke, the visual pleasure they provide,
Even cloudy days produce the most brilliant sunsets.
As the sun goes down slowly in the horizon, the sky is filled with such vibrant oranges and purples, and pinks, and blues.
What is it about sunsets that give such pleasure and yet such longing?
I am content. I know that no matter what today held, whether it was a good day or not, tomorrow is a new beginning. I am thankful that I was able to enjoy nature’s priceless gift.
I am unsettled. This sunset has signified the end of another day. If it was a good day, it ended. If it wasn’t a good day, is it too late to make the day great?
Did I not accomplish everything I wanted?
Am I sad no one shared this beautiful moment with me?
As I write this and look out my window, I see the orange, red, yellow, purple slowly fading out, leaving a thin pink line that will slowly fade out and the blue and gray clouds getting darker, I feel content and yet long for something; though I can’t quite place it.
The sunset was able to pull at my heartstrings. No matter how much I try and resist emotions, the colors in the distance provoked such intense feelings inside.
It was a beautiful.

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