Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Uniquely, Beautiful Lake District

Before there was the plethora of picture-taking gadgets, people used art in the form of words, paintings, or drawings to share and remember their experiences, travels, and memories. I’m no painter, nor much of a writer, but since I also have no camera, I will attempt to capture some moments from my 4 days spend out in the uniquely beautiful lake district of England.
(Of course I’ll leave out the personal gossip, though that is also quite entertaining :) )

On day 1, we were already in love and at peace as we discovered the quaint towns of Windermere and Bowness. We walked along the lake admiring the swans, geese, and ducks. We took a car ferry across, happily surprised at the low fare of 50 pence to cross. Upon reaching the other side, we started the upward ascent continually being amazed and awestruck each time we stopped to catch our breaths and look behind at the valley below us.
Now, this is the problem that arises without a camera. The four days somewhat blend together. What I do remember being especially impressed with, however, was the top. We came to a place of open meadows and rolling hills or rolling meadows, the name of a suburb in Chicago where a good friend grew up. Unfortunately for her, that place looked nothing like this. There was a certain bliss about this place. It was the 6 of us and some sheep. The dew on the grass was something worth bending down for and appreciating. The little droplets on the grass go almost unnoticed by so many people. But these simple beauties remind us how grand nature is, even in the form of little droplets.

When I was younger, I used to daydream about my perfect moment. This place on top of the hill with the soft hills, green grass, fresh air, trees in the distance, and open skies was a lot like my childhood imaginations.

Day 2 in Ambleside, a town 4 miles from Windermere was also quite spectacular. Our hike started out following a waterfall. The relaxing sounds of the gentle water flowing could captivate me for hours as I stood leaning against a tree. The higher we went, the more magnificent the views, as promised by the guide book, and these views really did live up to the expectations. It was just gorgeous, in so many ways.

At one point, 2 of us got separated from the group in the hilly meadowed areas. I took out my cell phone to try and find them. We reconnected after some going from peak to peak to try and find them and some convoluted directions. However, I lost my phone as a result.
The phone was three years old and I happened to get it at the same time as 2 of my other classmates, both of whom had switched phones more than once. Just before, Ishams was making fun of me for still using the same old, outdated phone. He laughed and told me it was a sign and time for a new phone. I was disappointed but instead wondered if I could make do without a phone for the rest of my time in London.

That night, we walked to the lake to catch the sunset. On our way home, the full moon captivated us. Not only was it so big and bright, it had this grand halo surrounding it. Needless to say, there where many moments were the sights tugged at my heartstrings. It was unbelievable.

The next day, we set out for another hike out in Ullswater. We were told that some of the most magnificent views of the Lake District can be seen from here, and indeed it was absolutely stunning. The hike was probably the hardest we had done, but the reward was incredible. The sun was shining on this day so we had a certain glisten about us.

That evening, instead of resting, SBK and I set out for Ambleside in a cellphone searching mission. We retraced out footsteps and tried to guage where the phone may have dropped. Because it was early evening, the views and hike had a different feel. The sunlight sparkled as it hit the lake below. The air, the views, the sky in the early evening – all so beautiful. The cell phone hunt – well, it felt like searching for a needle in a haystack.
But, SOMEHOW, SBK spotted it! Ishams now called my phone legendary, and told me I couldn’t ever get rid of it!
So, the trip became all the more perfect.

On the last day, we rested our legs and worked out our arms, rowing out on lake Windermere. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
The trip was so fulfilling, filled with good memories, friends, laughter, and nature. It was picture perfect postcards coming to life! And luckily, 2 friends took plenty of pictures, so in addition to being able to live in the moment, without worrying about capturing it all, the others did capture some of the beauty, though pictures can’t always capture the beauty of nature. I even managed to borrow the cameras a few times to take my own special pictures.
It was a perfect trip, in so many ways!


  1. you lost your phone too!!!!!

    1. the dew was worth bending down for...awesome...

    2. the fact that this place looks like your childhood go-to-spot-in-your-head makes me curious..and jealous

    3. rolling meadows was pretty, okay?!?! i don't feel like i missed out :(

    that is all.

  2. well, you should visit the lake district to learn the true meaning of 'rolling meadows'
    ...jus saying...