Wednesday, 16 June 2010

"A Sweet Disposition"

If you don't know what you want, and thought you loved someone, but were hurt and disappointed and thought you would have done something differently, but are not really sure, and things didn't quite work out, but in the end they did and you're still kind of unsettled, but know it's better.
All you know at the end of it, is that you didn't know what you wanted. So how can you be mad at the universe for not giving you what you wanted if you never even knew what that was?

But let's say, you knew exactly what you wanted, how you wanted it, when you wanted it, and slowly, little by little, it all fell into place just that way you imagined. Well, that is the universe working for you as it promises it will.

The first step: figure out what you want. not just kind of, but what you truly want. Embrace and imagine it, and don't settle for anything. Because things really do fall into place as they should. Just figure it out, believe, and wait, and then experience your dream manifesting.

(dedicated to st and zs)