Saturday, 9 January 2010


TM is a source of inspiration, not in the way he teaches or his ability to teach, but in his passion for the subject that he teaches. Out of my class of 15, only 8 are present for his final lecture in a series of classes. Not that my class has an amazing attendance track record, but TM’s teaching style definitely contributes to the lack of motivation to attend class. Often, as I look up at him and around at the class, I know at times he is talking to himself, fascinated by whatever it is he is presenting. The class is either preparing for another class, taking notes that are basically just words on a paper with no coherence, googling directions for a place they must be after class, checking email behind their laptop screens, practicing writing with their left hands, or simply daydreaming. While TM may not be able to teach to the class’s level or whatever it is the class requires, thus making the class less than a phenomenal one, one cannot leave without admiring his passion—something so many people lack. I find that people do things half-heartedly, and so TM is a breath of fresh air in a sense that he can be so engrossed and excited about a topic that he has spent years studying.


  1. i hope we also find those things we are so passionate about and pursue them....