Monday, 23 November 2009

the environment

Frustration, Anger, Depression, Exhaustion, Apathy, Wonder, Confusion
These were all the emotions I felt while watching the film, “The Age of Stupid”
(highly recommend it)
Basically, it’s about the environment and takes a look at what might happen in the year 2055 if we don’t change the way we live, based on most scientific projections.
And while it takes place in the future, all the current and past events and footage are all actual events..
So why all the above emotions?
It’s frustrating on a lot of levels.
First of all, some people don’t know the disastrous effects of climate change. They don’t see why it is such a pressing issue. They don’t realize it affects PEOPLE. Themselves. But especially the poor! Where is our sense of humanity?
Secondly, while some people realize that it is a pressing issue, don’t care to do anything about it. They feel that their minor changes might not make any difference. (And maybe that’s true, which is another reason to be frustrated). Or they think there are other issues that are more important than the environment..
Third, governments (and many are guilty) don’t care to change their policies because they are more concerned with profits. And truthfully, I think that no matter what I do, unless certain countries clean up their acts, real change might not happen!
Fourthly, it’s frustrating because this movie was VERY well made. And while there were a good number of people attending, the theatre was by no means full. And the people that came were probably the ones that already are aware and live their lives that are more “green” than many others.
The movie made me angry, because it showed how resources and economic gains trump all else for so many people. People could care less about the environment, or people, or the future of the planet as long as they get what they want.
There was also an instance in the film when wind tunnels were being pushed in a town in the UK. And a man dedicated so much time and effort into figuring out how to make this town more environmentally friendly. And yet, the town voted against it, because the people thought that these windmills would not be aesthetically pleasing.
Oh, I didn’t know pollution and intensified hurricanes and polar bears drowning are pretty..
This issue makes me tired. It is something that keeps coming up and while I try to live my life in ways that are “green”, I’m not sure what difference I make. Even my closest friends couldn’t care less.
But even me, I definitely have a huge carbon footprint. I travel all over the world and planes are awful for the enviro..
But then I get into this apathetic mode..
This world has gone through so many mass extinctions already, and here’s the next (I think we’re on the 6th)
It probably wasn’t supposed to be as quick as it is happening, but it would have eventually happened anyway..
So what do we do?
I don’t know? Why is it my burden?
This movie also showed that same man (whose windmills got shot down) and his family and how they decided not to take a trip to reduce their carbon footprint.
And while that is great, it made me sad that they are sacrificing (well I’m not sure if it’s a sacrifice), but choosing to live their lives in a way so that the rest of humanity can benefit and yet, humanity doesn’t care about them!
So, why should they care?!
And I’m convinced that it’s not a problem of just people in North America living unsustainable lives. I think if people are given the chance to live like that, they would.
India is a perfect example. The wealthy of India are probably much more consumer driven than many North Americans.
Maybe I’m losing faith in humanity..
I’m not sure what will happen…
But climate change is happening. People are being affected. Desertification is causing more hardships in places like Africa (if that is even possible)
These so called “natural” disasters are probably the earth’s revenge..
I don’t know!
What will we do…

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  1. What is the real issue here? If we think about it, the world is a perfectly designed system, and I do mean PERFECT, down to the smallest organism. We can't save it, because I don't believe it's dying. It is essentially evolving into something else and in a way, it is regulating itself. What we are actually trying to save is humanity. The world will continue, maybe in a different form than we know, but it will continue to "be". Humans may not. So it seems that the issue of climate change and environmental concerns present underlying opportunities for humans to change their lifestyles for the purpose of continuing their own existence. Maybe we were designed to be extinct and these issues are actually providing us an opportunity to prevent that extinction. So in that regard, perhaps, it's the branding that needs to change. Maybe the slogans shouldn't be "save the world", but rather, "save yourself".