Saturday, 17 October 2009

Frustration about the UN Gaza Report:

1. The fact that under US pressure, the PA decided to postpone the decision for the report makes the PA lose credibility, and then obviously the Palestinians will side with Hamas, who the US labels a terrorist organization. – Well, if the US didn’t pressure the PA to postpone the decision, then the people wouldn’t think it was a weak body…

2. Power politics

3. I guess in a way it’s a good thing a report like this is written. So many other human rights atrocities go unreported, in China or Burma for example…

4. It’s just frustrating that people cannot recognize the humanity in each other, and things like this exist

5. The argument by many countries abstaining from voting or voting no is that this will hinder Middle East peace efforts. Well, the Middle East is in a sad state, and it’s not a matter of the effects of the report; the case at hand is the report itself. And if war crimes were committed, then acknowledge that.

6. Maybe passing the report will in fact hinder peace efforts, but how much worse can it be?

7. I wish people would just step back and realize how tiny we are in this universe and for how short a time our lives actually are in comparison to the history of the world. And those who are responsible for such war crimes would get a clue.

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