Sunday, 20 September 2009

At-talasim - Ilayya Abu Madhi

A poem we learned while in Syria
(probably a horrible job of translating and transliterating, but enjoy..)

Ji’thu la a3lamu min ayna, wa lakin athithu

Wa laqad absarthu qudamee tariqan famashaythu

Wa sa’abqee mashyyan in shi’thu hadha am abaythu

Kayfa ji’thu? Kayfa absarthu tariqee?

Lasthu adree!

I came not knowing from where, but I came

And I saw in front of me a path so I went along

and I will continue walking

How did I see my path?

I have no knowledge!

A jadeedu am qadeem an fee hadha alwujudu

Hal ana hooru thaleequn am aseerun fee qeewud

Hal ana qaidu nafsee fee hayatee am maqood

Atamana ananee adree wa lakin

Lasthu adree!

Am I old or new in this existence?

Am I free or a handcuffed prisoner?

Am I in control of myself in my life or…

------(don't understand that line)

I have no knowledge

Wa tareeqee, maa tareeqee? Ataweel am qaseer?

Hal ana Asa3du am Ahbithu fihi wa Agur

A’Ana assai’r fii Addarbi am addarbu yaseer

Am kilana waqifun wa addahru yajri?

Lasthu adree!

And is this my path, or not my path? Is it long or short?

Do I rise or descend on it?

Am I walking on the path or is the path walking

Or are all of us aware that time is running?

I have no knowledge

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  1. I can't decide whether I love this poem or not - it frustrates me too much but speaks such truths about what's really stirring us..