Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jumping on the random bandwagon

1. 25 is too unrandom of a number for a random list of things, so i'll stop this list when i run out of things to say.

2. when it's kind of cold out, but not freezing cold out and i put on gloves, my hands tickle.

3. i'm not technically a vegetarian, but i don't like the thought of eating meat, so i usually don't.

4. I don't know how "cool" is defined, but i'm pretty sure all my siblings fit the definition.

5. Sometimes I think I have an overeating disorder, although since I've moved to london, it's gotten slightly better, but really i think I eat a lot (ask my family)

6. Sometimes I worry about what my life will be like "in the future", but then I realize what's the point in worrying... Just let life happen like it's supposed to

7. I like to crunch on the seeds in grapes.

8. I am grateful for the few constant friends I have in my life.

9. I like to feel special on my birthday, but I don't like being the center of attention.

10. Sometimes, big groups of people make me nervous

11. Snowflakes are beautiful and I think there is something miraculous about them.

12. I think so much of what governs our thoughts and actions is arbitrary.

13. There are a few things I would change about myself, but one is that I would be able to sing (well and in tune.)

14. I LOVE singing along to songs I know (probably to the disappointment of those who have to listen to me)

15. I really don't know what all the hype is about junk food. I think good for you food is quite tasty and keeps you healthy and active

16. When it rains in london (which is does pretty often), I look forward to all the cool-looking umbrellas people carry around.

17. I want to paint a picture of umbrellas

18. I don't think London's weather is as bad as people think it is.

19. I love the movie Amelie. I think she's my role model.

20. I wish I could concentrate better. I think I have slight ADD.
21. I love chapsticks and lip glosses and I usually misplace them in a pocket or purse and buy more. Sometimes I rediscover a lost chapstick 2 years later and it's exciting.

22. I definitely am the kind of person who will laugh out loud about something that happened days or years ago.

23. I waste a lot of time and wish I could be more efficient.

24. I daydream a lot.

25. I recently read somewhere that jealousy is a waste of an emotion. I love that thought.

26. I hit 25 and need to keep going, so that I break out the "25 list" box

27. By breaking out of the "25 box", I feel like I'm being an individual, but by blogging and making this list, I know I'm so not. This reminds me of the structure of feeling concept that came out of "The long revolution" I had to read for lit class. I'm sure no one knows or cares about what I'm taking about, except my classmates, and I'm pretty sure they're not reading this.

28. I love stargazing and I don't get to do enough of it in London.

29. I want to see the northern lights.

30. From my experiences with people, I think Americans get unfairly stereotyped as wasteful and ignorant. Some truly are, but so are a lot of non-Americans. And some of the most conscious people I know are Americans.

31. I don't like the concept of nationalism.

32. I could actually keep this list going for much longer, but for your sake and mine, I'll stop..

33. I'm sure I'll spend the next hour, or day, or week thinking of things that I should have put on this list. oh well..


  1. remind me of the exact date of your birthday, so i can make you feel special!

  2. finally caught up on your blog. My thoughts....

    4. I always include you in my list of "coolest people i know" :)

    5. Sadly i've experienced that wrath of your bday cake; don't think i forgot!

    8. I like to think i fit into this category!

    14. LYFE!!

    21. Likewise...thus you can understand my obsession with vaseline.

    24. I can't imagine what life would be like without daydreaming.

    29. I want to see the northern lights with you!